Entrepreneurs come to us when they need to pursue substantial and lasting transformations of their business and organizations.
Our scope of intervention ranges from crisis management to long-term consolidation.

We are specialists in competitive recovery, restructuring and
business recovery of family business.


In evidence:

Mondaini partners together with several local associations for new business recovery and relaunch projects.

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Profile (summary)

Mondaini partners is a management consulting firm, operating since 1996, specializing in competitive recovery, restructuring and relaunching of family-based businesses.
Mondaini partners has acquired extensive experience in planning and implementing well-structured projects in which they served as advisor with the task of coordinating a number of professionals involved and managing extraordinary operations as a target.
The Founder, Davide Mondaini, an expert on Strategies and Restructuring in family businesses, is a Professor of Economics and Organisation, plus Founder of Family Business Academy (Development and Continuity of the family business)

Services (summary)

Competitive recovery: Revision (or: Review) of business models, operational and process improvements, creation (or: realisation) and implementation of strategic and organisational plans.

Treasury management, debt and business restructuring, redundancy plans and restructuring and recovery plans.

Business Recovery:
Creditors management, drafting of judicial and out-of-court agreements, extraordinary operations for continuity, consolidation and recovery plans.

Research of investors
for struggling companies and/or for household in exit phase.

60 +

professionals involved,
since 1996, in our projects.

A team of experts with
multidisciplinary skills.

120 +

family businesses strongly
supported over the last ten years.

4 Integrated Areas of Intervention

140 +

scientific papers case studies
over the last ten years.

Documented skills:

  • Strategies and Family Business

  • Planning and Control

  • Organization and Processes

  • Logistics and Production

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Finance and Treasury