A team of professionals specialized in the development of family businesses.


About us

We are a boutique firm (/studio) specialized in strategic consulting focused on the development and relaunch of family-based businesses which operate in mature industries.


During our 25 years in business we have helped grow and relaunchbusinesses and the organizations of our corporate clients, trained on the job hundreds of managers and supported many entrepreneurial families through the generational replacement.

How we differ from others

In contrast to the common industry practice focusing on business weaknesses and thus on solving problems, not always solvable; our initiatives focus on both the visible and hidden strengths, on the underutilized assets and the strengthening of both the management and the Family leadership.

Our mission

Discovering dormant assets, unlocking value and leading the family-based business towards higher levels of competitiveness. And therefore, for our customers this means: Strong company, Successful Family.

What we believe in

We strongly believe in family businesses and in their capability to make the change in creating value and in the development of our country. After several years of study, observation and hands-on experience, shared with many entrepreneurial families, we have founded: Familybiz magazine.

‘FamilyBiz’ is the first Italian management magazine centred on the family business system. Through the activity of the magazine, focused on the most relevant issues for family-based businesses, including: the management and organization, the generational continuity, ordinary and extraordinary finance, the development and relaunch of the business, we want to remain vigilant on the Italian family businesses and provide entrepreneurial families with a contribution to further growth of the corporate culture of their businesses.

Discover our magazine

Davide Mondaini

The founder of the Mondaini Partners

The author of the book ‘Relaunch mission’

Founder of the Family Business Academy
Director of the business magazine familyBIZ.it
Graduated in Business Administration - University L. Bocconi
Professor of Economics and Organisation - University of Bologna

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The professional

Hundreds of business cases successfully addressed in about 25 years of activity. Several interventions carried out in both special and difficult business situations. This has resulted in a need for developing and applying solid and original models of intervention, which have been the subject of scientific publications and a source of inspiration for experts.

The professor

Professor of Economics and Organisation and in Management Planning and Control at the University of Bologna. Professor at the primary Business school and the creator of the ‘Family Business Academy’ study centre. Promoter and speaker in primary conferences and specialized workshops addressed to companies.

The author

Over 150 scientific publications regarding issues of strategic innovation and business enhancement. Publications and cases are organized by areas in the ‘Publications’ section. More than half of them are based on corporate situations which were actually dealt with. Many published cases have been written four hands with the same business partners.

The coach

Hundreds of entrepreneurs, administrators and managers supported in the management development courses, generational replacement projects and in the enhancement of leadership abilities. Intense support in the field, even through the participation in the Advisory boards, to CEOs and Director Generals.

We work together with

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Our primary customer is represented by the small and medium-sized enterprise that wishes to carry out a significant and lasting transformation of the organization and businesses – thanks to its foresight or because of difficulties.

Industry associations

We are consultants for different associations of the Confindustria for enhancement and relaunch projects of their member companies.

Banks and financial institutions

On behalf of banks and financial institutions, we conduct special projects for ailing companies with potential for enhancement and relaunch.

Large companies and Investment Funds

We collaborate with large companies and Investment Funds in the search for industrial opportunities and for the execution of extraordinary operations on their target.

Clients - projects

Collaborations - projects